Start the Year Celebrating Your Wins & Setting Your Intentions

By Rich Johnson | February 03, 2020

In our hectic lives, we rarely take time to reflect and celebrate. Instead, it’s on to the next project, back to the bottomless inbox, or crashing with Netflix. But we actually do ourselves a disservice when we don’t reflect and celebrate. Reflection is part of how we learn - and celebration is how we build confidence and enjoy life. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that the simple act of celebrating wins simply by writing them down enhanced motivation in people’s work. 

This article is meant to be a hands-on guide for intentionally celebrating some recent wins, and setting intentions in a purposeful way. We encourage you to do it with a friend, colleague or partner...and share it.

Celebrating Wins

How might we describe a win? Let’s call a win anything you consider an accomplishment from this last year. It could be a promotion or a team success you contributed to. It might be sticking to an exercise routine or investing more deeply in a relationship. It could be learning to say no, or prioritizing that volunteer work you always said you’d do. 

Activity: Reflect & Celebrate

Think about these areas of your life: work/career, relationships, health, interests and impact. Take about 10 minutes and use this worksheet to identify three wins you’d like to celebrate and use the questions to reflect on and celebrate those wins.

Setting Intentions

How many of you have set new year's resolutions that you don’t keep? I for sure have. In fact, research suggests that only 8% of people stick with their new year resolutions. The lack of follow-through on those resolutions can usually be traced back to not sharing the resolutions with others, and not connecting them to our values. 

Activity: Values & Intentions

Consider one personal value that you want to more fully live out in 2020. Think of a value as a quality or behavior that you want to be true for you - how you live your life. I recently made a commitment to lean into the value of community - both personally and professionally. Here’s a great list of values to get you started. Use the second page of this worksheet to write down that value and why it’s important to you at this time. Then go back to the same areas from our celebration exercise and identify three measurable intentions or goals for the coming year. Make them realistic, measurable, and be sure to identify what habit or practice you will commit to that will support your goal.

Share It

Hopefully, you identified someone to do this activity with you, but even if you didn’t, find someone who you can share your work with. Do it over coffee or drinks and (as we like to do at Ignite), toast to your wins and intentions!


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