The Cause Partner Journey

By Alida Baranowski | May 20, 2019

For the past five months the Tuthill Wake the World team has been working on establishing a new cause partner. However, this process started well before 2019. In focus groups conducted in October 2018, Tuthill employees were polled asking about the cause areas in which they would like to give back. With the focus group data, we found that Community, Children & Youth and Education were the most popular interests of the company. Gathering this data provided us the insight on what employees care about and which organizations would best compliment those choices.

Jumping ahead to January 2019, the WTW team started the process of finding a new cause partner that aligned with the interests of community, children & youth and education. To begin, this process involved talking with leaders from 12 charitable organizations across the country that incorporated our company interests and aligned with our values. Our process was intentional: we introduced Tuthill, our purpose and search for aliveness; learned about their missions and programs and discussed ideal partnerships. After a month of vetting and exploring these organizations the WTW team presented all 12 to Tuthill owner, Jay Tuthill, and C.A.O, Tom Carmazzi, where they narrowed it down to three finalists.

All three finalists were credible organizations that complimented Tuthill’s purpose and the cause areas. Finally, we presented these three organizations to Tuthill employees at each location. It was important for us to engage our fellow employees because making an impact involves leveraging all of our talents, skills, company tools and resources to make a difference!

To select the cause partner, presentations were given or shared with employees, so everyone could learn about the organizations and choose their favorite among them – "Your Choice, One Cause, Our Difference"!  After counting all votes, we established the charitable organization that we would partner with to help Wake the World. And that organization was the Boys and Girls Club

However, it turns out that selecting a new cause partner required more time than we anticipated, which is why we found ourselves delayed in announcing the winner. While counting votes and realizing the clear winner we wanted to be absolutely sure we were providing all of Tuthill with the best partner. This meant that we needed to go back to Jay and Tom and have additional conversations about what a new cause partner relationship should look like. Following discussions, we focused our attention on connecting with each Boys and Girls Club, in all Tuthill facility communities, to make sure a partnership was viable.

This past month, we have been meeting with BGC leadership to clearly understand how Tuthill employees can engage with the organizations and what each organization needs from us to benefit from our engagement. A clear and mutual understanding of the partnership is necessary to make this an effective collaboration and well worth the time of all employees. And we have found that BGC is a perfect new cause partner! BGC’s offer a variety of programs in which Tuthill employees can participate to help educate and inspire hundreds of youth, enhance community spaces and bring aliveness to the masses.

"The perfect partnership is mutually beneficial. It adds value to both parties. It allows for personal growth and meaningful experiences. When I think of the partnership between Boys & Girls Clubs and Tuthill, all of these things are not only possible, but based on both of our missions and values, it is almost certain to happen. Every decision I make is motivated by the question: is this good for kids? I am confident that working with Tuthill will allow us to serve our kids better. I envision our kids meeting people who challenge them, support them, have fun with them, and expose them to different careers. I envision caring adults in our buildings that enable us to further our passion for making the world a better place for kids. I envision Tuthill employees seeing how they add incredible value to our organization. I am beyond grateful that Tuthill thought about kids, education, and community when looking for a cause partner. It is what we do. We do it well. With Tuthill, we can do it even better." - Brandy Harris, C.E.O BGC of Springfield, Missouri

As we continue to communicate with the Boys and Girls Clubs to design our partnership, we are so excited for the potential events that will be available to all of our employees. We are working to create some engagements that will be both impactful for young people and the community and also will be enriching and fun for the whole company.

"In the context of spirited communities, I can't think of a better place for us to spend our time! Think back to when you were a kid and what it would have been like to have someone, like who you are today, come along side and help you in your climb. Wow! That's astounding impact!" - Tom Carmazzi, C.A.O.

We can’t wait to start waking the world!

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