My Path To Coaching

By Don Mack | June 24, 2019

I joined Tuthill in September of 1997 as the Director of IT Services. However, it was not until 2005 that I began to think about my impact at Tuthill. In 2005 I attended the Radical Leadership retreat. It was at this retreat that I realized the impact I was having at both work and home, and it was not the impact I wanted.

After Radical Leadership, I knew from then on out that I wanted to be involved in the Radical Leadership program as a whole, not just for a brief period of time. Following this powerful realization, I had a conversation with Tuthill owner, Jay Tuthill, to ask about participating in the development of the program. Jay told me "no".

My immediate reaction was anger and sadness. Here I had asked for what I wanted and was told no. Fortunately, Jay said “no, but...”. He explained that if I showed up at a Radical Leadership retreat like I was showing up at work, that I would have a negative impact on the people in the retreat. So Jay told me that if I was willing to work on myself that he could turn that "no" into a "yes".

Shortly after this assignment I began being coached every other week for approximately 45 minutes. I soon realized that my coach was someone who would support me, challenge me to become a more aware and positively impactful person and help me create the life that I wanted, both at work and home.  I have had a coach ever since.

During this work with my coach and my work with Radical Leadership, I began to realized that I could be a better facilitator if I was a coach as well. I saw that being as a trained coach would allow me to be of better service to others, which, I believe, is a big part of my essence.

In 2010 I attended the Coaches Training Institute and became certified as a co-active coach.

To date, I have formally coached many people both at Tuthill and outside of the company. Some people are coached for specific periods of time while others have been coached for several years. As a coach I am here to help people choose and create what they want in life. 

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