The Groove of Giving

By Debbie Nutley | April 25, 2019

How often do you think about giving back or supporting a good cause or actively connecting with people who share the same values? Many of us “think” about giving just like we “think” about exercise. We know it will be good to do and we will feel better once it’s done. We want to, we really do. But it doesn't always happen!

There are many similarities between getting into the groove of giving and the groove of exercise. It takes a passion, a plan and persistence. Your passion, which may arise from different sources, will fuel the sustainability of your giving. For some people, their passion resides in giving back from where they receive. It could also grow from a desire to change what you see in the world. Or even to honor a loved one. 

Once you have decided where you want to give, then develop a plan. Remember you can give your time, expertise or financial resources. Make it meaningful for both you and the organization you support. Take time to learn about the organization, its goals and its needs. Think about how that intersects with your passion. Maybe you are grateful for the health of your family and you decide to hold babies at your local hospital. Or there is a growing movement in your neighborhood to clean the environment that needs good public relations to become successful. Maybe you can offer your marketing expertise and donate to the costs of the marketing. The possibilities are endless which is why it is important to focus your giving. 

Finally, stick to it. You will be energized by the connections and impact that you make. And on those days when you are tired or have a million conflicts in your schedule, remember the passion that drove you to act. 

This article was originally published on LinkedIn


Photo By Randalyn Hill - Fuel Your Passion

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