Listening "Inside Out"

By Matthew Weaver | September 05, 2017

We are constantly moving through the three levels of listening: self (level 1), others (level 2) and surroundings (level 3).

It is important that we listen to our own thoughts and feelings and that we know when to move that focus outward to connect with others.  Truly listening to others requires curiosity.  When I am curious about what they are saying, what it means to them, what they may not be saying or even how they are feeling, it’s easier to stay connected.

In the following video clip from “Inside Out,” notice where the characters are in terms of the listening levels.  Where do you notice each of the 3 levels of listening (Self, Others, Surroundings)? Where is the primary focus of each of the characters and what is the impact they are having? What do you identify with in this scene, how familiar is it to you? Please comment below. 

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