How Do You Recover From Failure?

By Karen Beals | October 23, 2017

This short video was sent to me on failure, or to reframe, the gift of failure and how we look at it. I immediately thought: “This is a blog that writes itself!”

Each failure teaches me something I need to know.  I have had many ‘failures’ in my lifetime.  One of my biggest ‘failures’ was my first marriage which ended in divorce (though my beautiful, precious daughter was borne out of that union). Divorce certainly wasn’t the outcome I had envisioned. And guess what? I learned a whole lot about myself going through that process. Was there pain involved? Oh, you bet. Was there growth involved? Most definitely. I recognized how my patterns contributed to the divorce. (In a divorce, it is NEVER just one partner’s fault.)  

I got married a second time and have learned how to do it differently. Is it always easy?  Um... NO. AND I remember what I learned from my ‘failure.' I would not be where I am today without that gift.

I once heard “there is no leadership without risk and there is no risk without failure.” Do you agree?

Where have you ‘failed’ in your life and what have the lessons taught you?  Please share.

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