Where Are You?

By Matthew Weaver | June 05, 2017

If you’ve been at Tuthill for some time now, you’ve probably been asked this question: “Where are you?”

It's a rather funny question when you take time to think about it. You could answer, “I’m sitting here, where do you think I am?” or some similar response. 

However, we are asking for something deeper.  “Where are you… the real you? Your heart and head? The internal you?” We’re asking, “How are you?” but not like what has become a standard way of greeting for some… we really do want to know "How are you?"

One of our promises is to 'be rigorous in my commitment to self-awareness'. This question is an opportunity to check-in with yourself, to increase your self-awareness and look to see where you are. While the where in this case is not meant to be literal, you are somewhere. 

Your cell phone tells you how strong of a connection it has or even that it has lost its connection. However, how often do you check to see what is going on inside of you?

The next time you are asked, “Where are you?” give it some serious thought. If you don't know where you are, emotionally and in relation to others, your choices and even your aliveness may be limited. How can you really know where you want to go and how to get there if you don't know from where you're starting?

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