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By Karen Beals | January 01, 2017

I want to use this month’s blog to shine the spotlight on the team at Tuthill Plastics Group. I had a conversation with TPG’s President, Dick Curtin, and he shared what he has been working on and the impact for his team. I asked him if he would be willing to write something for our “Awareness” blog.  He promptly responded “This is not about us.” I then asked if I could have his permission to share for him. We so often hear what is NOT working that I wanted to take a moment to highlight what IS working.

Our Brand says, “It all starts with me. Here. Now.” This is important because Dick has been “practicing my trust” after being inspired by Brené Brown’s TED talk on “Vulnerability” and Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” model. He also was talking about Our Vision and “flourishing families and spirited communities.”  

The wife of a team member recently was in the hospital and very, very ill. When one of Dick’s staff members talked to the team member on the phone the night his wife was admitted to the hospital, the staff person decided that he sounded alone and worried about his wife’s health. The staff person chose to go the hospital on a weekend night and sat with him.

When discussing this in their team meeting the following week, another staff person said, “Why don’t we each take turns sitting at the hospital?” They proceeded to make out a list with times for each person. WOW! Dick said, “What’s more important: The numbers or being family to each other? If we do this, the rest will follow.” He said, “It’s almost like living the Promises and Agreements.” (Um. Yes. It is.)

He had two employees who were not getting along. He sat them down together and in the spirit of building ‘naked trust’ (Don’t ya love it?) He said, “Now, if the two of you were sitting here face to face, naked, what would you say to each other?  One said, ‘I would say I’m sorry.’ The other said, ‘I want to feel better when we work together.’”

Dick also keeps looking at himself and practicing. He tells on himself. He is building trust with his team. And from THAT place, makes space for the Our Way Behaviors.

I am using this as a real example of what living the Compass looks like. I know that each of YOU also have stories like this that are impacting your LOBs. Please share. It’s our stories that connect us to our humanity and inspire us to keep climbing

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