A Lesson from Kung Fu Panda

By Matthew Weaver | May 02, 2016

"Really dad?" my son Christopher will say when I do my "hmph" during a movie or television show. He knows there that I heard or saw something that I applied to what I know and understand. Sometimes he will shake his head lovingly (and a bit annoyed) and on rare occasions he will even pause the movie we're watching and ask me to "say more." More often it is the head shake. Like many children's books and movies there are often lessons embedded in the story.

The Kung Fu Panda movies are no different. Those that know me well know I love metaphors and seeing how things connect. So it's no surprise that when watching the latest Kung Fu Panda movie I would have at least one “hmph” moment; since I have done so with all the other films in this series.

One of those "hmph" moments occurred in movie #3 when Po and Shifu are discussing the results of Po's first attempt at teaching. He failed miserably. Shifu shares with Po that he knew he would fail in his first attempt to teach the class. When Po asks why he put him in that situation Shifu repiles, "If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now." I love it. It speaks to the importance of taking chances, being willing to fail, the importance of stepping into the learning zone and even going so far as to flirt with the panic zone.

Where in your life are you doing only what you know? What is the limiting story you're telling yourself?

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